Un long-métrage documentaire de Fabienne Kanor

On the reddish-ochre beach of Ouidah, metres of construction fences line up. Once a place of deportation to the New World for thousands of chained Africans, the historic town is now undergoing a major transformation. By 2025, a string of new hotels, a marina, a museum on slavery and a life-size slave ship to visit, called the “Departure Boat”, will rise from the old sand. On this blood-ochre beach from which my ancestors were torn, I film the disfiguration of the Beninese city and try to collect the last traces of my people.


With the support of 

Diversity Image Fund (CNC)

The New Aquitaine region

The territorial collectivity of Martinique

The Museum of Aquitaine

In partnership with

Institute of Africa (IdAf)